How It All Started

Doug grew up in Southern California in the 50's and 60' many children of that time he was fascinated with automobiles and built and customized lots of model cars. I believe this is where his customizing career was started. Doug was always cutting parts off one model and molding them to another.

At the age of twelve... Doug learned how to strip paint from aircraft... at his fathers aviation business. The age of sixteen found Doug with a summer job working for Uni-Gas in Washington... painting equipment and propane trucks. This led to painting his friends cars throughout the years of high school. One day at achool he was approached by someone he didn't know with... "How much would you charge to paint my VW?" What a novel idea...getting paid to do something you love!! That very day 'Paint by Doug' was born. After the second car...'Paint by Doug' died with the following words from his mother. "Not at my home!"

While attending college in Southern California Doug painted motorcycles for several motorcycle clubs. He then opened "Doug's Body Shop" in Whittier California...where for around nine years he built...repaired...and painted custom motorcycles. For the past twenty-five years Doug has operated as Auto Body Clinic...a complete collision repair facility in Medford Oregon.

By the way...Doug still loves to work on specialty cars.

Douglas Dunn
Auto Body Clinic
844 N Riverside Avenue
Medford, Oregon 97504
Phone: 541-779-2891
Fax: 541-776-3273